Foil Stamping

Applying a gold or silver metallic foil onto the business cards surface with a heated plate. The result is a vibrant shiny and saturated metallic appearance. This print features can not be colour matched, however we offer a wide variety of foil colours to suit your needs. Our foiling process is extremely unique and custom designed to match your business needs. 

Spot UV

Spot UV is a glossy finish you can apply to any of our laminated card stocks. Adding a slightly elevated element of lustre to certain design elements or adding a subtle hidden message on your business cards. On dark backgrounds the Spot UV print features stands out both physically and visually.


Thermography is the technical term for Amazing!

Thermography is a heat applied process which results in a raised, clear, glossy finish. This finishing creates a particularly remarkable finish that allows the color of what is underneath to shine through. Thermography is an excellent way to enhance printing as well as can be used on darker cardstocks as well.


Emboss is a plate stamping process that results in a design element being pushed through the card. Because of this, one side of the design will have a raised design while the other will have a debossed (pushed in) appearance. Emboss can be combined with foil stamp or offset print to add an accent of color. When designing an embossed design, please allow for space on the other side of the card since both sides will be affected.